10am we stuffed ourselves into a lil Toyota Camry, pink-cheeked and excited. We hadn’t even made it an hour into the drive when we saw bright flashing lights in the rear-view. uh-oh.

“Uh, Hullo miss, do ya know why I pulled you over?” The tattooed officer was this big burly guy with tats running up his arm and a face void of emotion. He proceeded to ask my age, where I lived, where we were going, what we were doing with our lives, and then slapped down a fat citation, gave us a smile and wished us on our way. Nice. They say that people who go through hard things together bond– so we bonded over feeling really really bad. But we had really good cheese-sticks to snack on so.

We hit up the upheaval dome, marveled at the toy story clouds puffing about, ate yummy lunches under a lil makeshift gazebo and we were off to Dead Horse Point. OH MY GOSH. I’d been there before, but never had I seen a light show like the one we witnessed. Wind, Rain, Sun all whipped around in such a fashion that it left us half dizzy trying to open our eyes enough to take it all in.  I felt like a miniature ant-like thing hopping around massive rocks while the wind tore around the canyon like a beast. It was prettttty unreal people. 

So also Brit and Josh are the coolest artsiest, thrift store shopping art/science people who basically rock the world. ALSO miss Tiffany, you slay girl. THANK YOU for being my personal coat rack all day, and keeping everything together so that this magic could happen <3 love you guys!!!


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