Ash is my stunning and freaking brilliant cousin from NYC. I hadn’t seen her in legitimately 7 years when out of the blue she texts me and mails me an invitation to attend her wedding. Naturally, I JUMPED ON THAT PLANE AND WENT. It was the first time I’d been in NYC and the colors and lights and speed of everything was absolutely dizzying. The wedding contrasted starkly with all the bustle and hustle going on outside. It was soft, sweet, and these long term lovers shared how much they meant to each other and ash’s father acted as the officiator. To say the evening was moving would be an understatement.

I love these guys and I AM SO HAPPY that they are together and celebrated their union surrounded by family and close friends. I wasn’t lead or head photographer, I just brought my camera with to capture some of the background moments to gift to the couple. I loved em so much that I figured Eh, why not post em on my site? WHO wouldn’t want to stare at these gorgeous people all day?



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