This is me- a little pink thing that was fully convinced she was a dancing fairy princess. All my fantasies of becoming a human-saving-power-wielding-dancer died the day I discovered my mom was the tooth fairy. That pretty much marked the end of my childhood, but it didn’t mark the end of my fascination with dancers. Watching people move with the wind and weave their bodies into pretzels legit brings me to tears. I have NO idea what extra muscles these people have in their bodies or what sorta magic they know that I don’t- but whatever they got, I want it.

We got to the Little Sahara sand dunes and it was Elza- status freezing. These two shook it off, shed their shoes and coats and went for it. They pranced about on mounds of sand and snow, leaving trails of movement. The night seriously tore down so fast that a good number of these shots are grainy. But grain can be way dope sometimes. Especially when you are feeling moody/artsy and when you are shooting two of the most fabulous people dancers on the planet.

I am so proud of the results and SO PROUD OF THESE TWO who totally showed up and blew my mind out of the universe. Thank you for getting lost with me in the middle of a bunch of frozen campsites and for teaching me about animal rights and all that good quality stuff LOVE YOU GUYS.




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BRONTE & BENJA // Sand Dunes Dance Session – Alissa Mitchell Photography

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So I’m pretty much obsessed with these omg. SO creative! Such gorgeous people in a beautiful place and the movement is amazing!! You did an incredible job here!!

i can’t only imagine how much fun this session must have been! beautiful photos!!

These are absolutely breathtaking. I love the space you chose to put them in, the movement, the light. I am in awe!

Really beautiful. Love the grainy shots, the movement & contrast. My favorite might be the shot of her face through the red fabric. Lovely work.

WOW!! The movement in these images are incredible! I feel like I am dancing along with each image! Thank you for the experience!!!

These are absolutely stunning. I love the contrast of the sand and snow and all the beautiful movement you captured!

lovely work! really makes me want to get out there and dance on the dunes!

What a breath of fresh air. Love the variety in your imagery and the emotion it provokes. Want to frame one of these in my home!! So good.

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