It’s me, freaking out still because THIS HAS BEEN MY DREAM SINCE HIGH SCHOOL. And it happened. All of it happened. The northern lights, the diamond beach, the dogsledding and hot springs, meeting locals, getting stuck repeatedly in snow drifts, losing touch of our toes, hiking a volcano, driving along a coastline road covered in black Ice, listening to hours and hours of podcasts, scrunching up at the end of the day in airbnb’s around the country, eating food. THAT FOOD. Some of it incredibly repellant, like the shark that they have to ferment to make it edible (otherwise its poisonous) or sheeps head which is mixed with some sort of jello who-knows-what.

But for real guys, THIS PLACE WAS NUTS. It’s wild, and home to things like short horses that have Tarzan hair, and  snowstorms that’ll scare the soul out of you. Also, you can go dogsledding and be loved by a pack of huskies frosting your face in spit. There are windy nights that steal precious cargo like maroon scrunchies and left hand mittens. The skies put on the most spectacular display of dancing green lights OK OK enough with the long adjectives and long winded descriptions. Bundle up, imagine these pictures in motion, and book a trip to Iceland so that you can experience a little more of our beautiful mother earth and the history written in her rocks and rivers.

PS I highly recommend you taking in these photos on a screen bigger than your face. After a short layover, we are off. Welcome to the land of trolls and giants & all that yummy ancient stuff



these were the film shots taken on my ghetto disposable camera. #thosetonestho

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