First wedding in California and I won’t lie and say I wasn’t slightly terrified. But a heathy amount of nerves is good for the heart I think… It means that you know theres so much potential and you have the grand opportunity to bring it into fruition. AND BABY DID THIS TURN OUT TO BE AN OPPORTUNITY.

These two are PERFECT for each other. Sara works on the Coast guard and Jo is a firefighter- they met and that was that, they loved each other and BOOM. Done, sealed, no questions, they were going to get married.

A few months later, they had the dream thing planned and were all ready to seal the deal. The wedding took place in the backyard and house of the classiest couple, which turned out to be a photographers love affair. The day was beautiful, exhilarating, exhausting and moving. I CANT WAIT to see what their future holds for them.

UPDATE: these beauties just had a beautiful son arrive <3

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